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Clients Review

…treated Spring team as support/additional resource to confirm our observations and experience.  Therefore, many critical decision in business were made…..Read more   team of Spring has become true friend to the top team of PIPL, helping them succeed personally and professionally by “re-scripting” their lives.......Read more

Sailing against the wave of popular programmes like these, you and your organisation Work with clients for deeper interventions,  remaining congruent with the basic science and theories of coaching and counselling......Read more

  The entire journey of team transformation starting with Self Awareness leading to Self Transformation resulting in improvement in how individuals showed up in a team, was truly brilliant in conception, orchestrated with great sensitivity and nuanced handling......Read more
… focus on the ‘individual’ brings in a different flavor to your workshops. This goes a long way in the individual understanding himself better, and in the process enriching and enhancing his contribution to the corporate team of which he is a part of.....Read more  

…team of Spring has become true friend to the participants had a stronger understanding of “Self” using Transactional Analysis. They also understood the power of strokes. Role-playing to include listening, pacifying, empowering with empathy became easy, because you ceaselessly demonstrated the same skills before, during and after the workshop.....Read more

… Spring facilitated a programme on Team building through Self awareness with Siegwerk. The programme ran for 6 months and was facilitated by the Spring Team.Read more