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Outbound Stress Busters – short term workshops

(2-day weekend workshop at an adventure activity centre outside the city)

Most organisations while achieving their goals, face issues such as :
  • Sharing of limited resources
  • Competing priorities between departments
  • Perceived power equations within the organisation
  • Inter departmental conflicts

The Outbound Program attempts to address :
  • Unspoken issues
  • Bring them out in the open in a non-threatening environment
  • Helping the group understand how they can leverage the group potential

Techniques used are :
  • behaviour simulation
  • role play and role reversal
  • combined with adventure sports modules

The adventure sport activities help the participants understand the power of mind over body; fill them with a sense of achievement and enable them to face their irrational fears.

These Personal Development Retreats are tailored to organisational needs.

The most frequently run organisationalprogrammes are detailed below :
  • Understanding Different Personality types (for sales and marketing team)
  • Goal Conflict Management
  • Building a winning team
  • Self awareness and personal growth
  • Being a leader and motivating
  • Creating breakthrough change
  • Creative inter – personal relations
  • Change management – being a change agent
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Time Management – Self Management
  • Resource Management:Being an Owner of Actions and Tasks