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Introspective Group

What is an Introspective Group?

This is a group that:
  • Expresses things as they are
  • Social inhibitions is not entertained
  • Honest relationship is encouraged
  • Differences in thoughts and feelings are respected
  • Individuality is respected with acceptance
  • The group makes you face your own limitations in understanding, adjusting and feeling safe in presence of others

This is a structured program inviting you to introspect your personal and professional life.All of us play various roles such as of parent, partner in marriage/ relationship, boss - subordinate, and so on. This will bring out our emotional, rational and spiritual understanding of some areas that create conflicts within us.

The areas for introspection are :
  • responsibility - expectations
  • insecurities
  • power and dominance
  • vulnerability - sensitivity
  • games - rackets
  • control - nurturance
  • regrets
  • anger - fear
  • love, sex, lust
  • dependence - independence
  • pleasant - unpleasant thoughts
  • loneliness
  • relationship with money